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Dr. Ajay Kummar Pandey

( LLM, MBA, (UK), PhD, AIMA, AFAI, PHD Chamber, ICTC, PCI, FCC, DFC, PPL, MNP, BNI, ICJ (UK), WP, (UK), MLE, Harvard Square, London, CT, Blair Singer Institute, (USA), Dip. in International Crime, Leiden University, the Netherlands )

Advocate & Consultant Supreme Court of India, High Courts & Tribunals.

Welcome to the World of Dr. Ajay Kummar Pandey

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Dr. Ajay Kummar Pandey

A Renaissance Personality in Law,
Media and Politics.

Welcome to the digital universe of Dr. Ajay Kummar Pandey, a distinguished Supreme Court Advocate, Founder of 4C Supreme Law International, and a multifaceted personality whose influence spans law, media, politics, and beyond.

Legal Luminary

Dr. Pandey's legal journey is a testament to excellence, with a profound impact on every courtroom he enters. Founder of 4C Supreme Law International, his practice encompasses a spectrum of legal domains, including family law, criminal law, constitutional law, commercial law, civil and international patent matters, arbitration, shipping, insurance, and mercantile law. Remarkably, his career is marked by an unblemished record, having successfully represented top politicians, bureaucrats, Bollywood personalities, corporate giants, and social and political organizations across India.

International Expertise

Dr. Pandey draws strength from a rich tapestry of international experience. His ventures into media, law, chamber of commerce, international trade and marketing, advertising, films, aviation, and international diplomacy have honed a unique perspective. This global exposure equips him with a holistic understanding, setting him apart in the legal landscape.

Key Representations

Dr. Pandey's fearless approach and commitment to resolution at the initial stage distinguish him. Notable representations include cases against top realtors in Pune, advocating for home buyers in NCLT and NCLAT, challenging the Union of India in the Delhi Flying Club and a television channel dispute, handling a high-profile drug case for a national model and Bollywood actress, and undertaking legal matters against an Indian individual in Nepal, China, and Dubai. His clientele includes prestigious corporations like Toyota, Holiday Inn, KLM, Air India, Indian Airlines, Embassy of Netherlands, Din TV, HP, Pizza Hut, Hotel Intercontinental Group, and the University of Caledonia.

Academic Excellence and Media Maven

Dr. Pandey is not only an exceptional legal mind but also a scholar and media veteran. His educational journey includes stints at Allahabad University, the University of Bradford, and the University of Leiden, Netherlands, earning him a Ph.D. in law and an MBA in international marketing. With an extensive media and advertising background, he has left an indelible mark on reputed organizations both in India and abroad, from Khaleej Times to BBC London.

Political Stature

Dr. Pandey's political journey is intertwined with national luminaries. Associated with mainstream politics since childhood, he has collaborated closely with stalwarts like Ram Vilas Paswan, George Fernandes, V.P. Singh, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Nitin Gadkari, Ahmed Patel, and many more. He has founded social organizations like Bihar and UP Mahasabha and Atal Morcha, contributing significantly to the social fabric.

Versatile Author, Poet, Dramatist, and Filmmaker

Beyond the courtroom, Dr. Pandey's creative pursuits shine. A prolific author, poet, and filmmaker, he has worked alongside luminaries like Girish Karnad and Kaffi Azami. His work in films, drama, and poetry reflects a deep understanding of the arts.

Philosophy and Vision

Dr. Ajay Kummar Pandey envisions a legal landscape where preventive measures take precedence over prolonged litigation. As a licensed pilot and aviation enthusiast, he brings a forward-thinking perspective to his endeavors. His goal is to establish an international law firm offering global litigation and consultancy services, with a presence in Dubai, London, Singapore, and China.

Explore this platform to delve into the diverse facets of Dr. Ajay Kummar Pandey's illustrious career, where each chapter unfolds a story of legal brilliance, media influence, political acumen, and creative expression.




Workshop and Webinar

Dr Ajay Kummar Pandey

POSH ACT Can increase productivity by 40%: 4C Supreme Law International.

Dr Ajay Kummar Pandey

New Delhi- A one day POSH workshop was organised by 4 C Supreme Law International at SRM University Delhi NCR.

The workshop established that implementation of POSH Act, Sexual Harrasement of Women at Workplace can lead to increase in productivity in the organization by over 40 per cent in addition to addressing the problem of artirirition of the employees. Advocate Farah Naaz, Supreme Court of India conducted the workshop on behalf of 4 C Supreme Law International. SRM University Director, Sanjay Vishwannathan, Prof D K Sharma, Dean, Dr Ranjana Dubey, Chairperson, Women Grievances Cell, SRM University and other key functionaries, faculty members and Staff attended the Workshop.

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